During the years our company has designed and built special machines to automate many production processes in different sectors industries and for different needs:

  • Assembly
  • Dimensional control
  • Electrical test
  • Mechanical and welding processing with automatic lines
  • Packaging machineries
  • Progressive dies for metal items


Feasibility study

First important contact for discussing the objectives to be reached with analysis of the customer’ s needs.


From the data processing and technical informations of the products harvested,identify possible solutions for realization of the individual
plant or equipment according the needs with estimate of the costs and cicle timesn
of production.


The project is developed with mechanical and electrical solutions according to CEE and taking into account the safety of the machines.The system are integrated with
D.E. software for a control productivity.


Trough our workshop equipped with precision machine tools are made to design special machines,assembly of various equipment,pneumatic and electrical cabling
and then be tested at the end of the software that will manage all production operations.

Quality control

Control for all components installed


Verification of system operation according to the project.It is made with the customer to verify the correspondence of the requirements.


All installation are manufactured in respect of safety standards in exsting including
Use and maintenance ,manual instructions,risk analysis and CE MARKING.

Start up

The placing in service at the customer s location is in the first phase followed by our
Specialized staff with further testing and learning lesson use the system

After sale assistance

At this stage stage the after sales for a period of 12 months ensures maximum
Reliability of operation,supply replacement parts or any changes on the various processes.