Automotive sector machines

INDUSTRIA 4.0 is a new approach where automation, robotics and information technology intertwine.

Our company deals with the design and construction of turnkey automatic lines, rotary tables and special equipment with high production capacity where the whole process can be controlled remotely.

Our lines can also be equipped by automatic supply systems produced by anthropomorphic robots or interlocking portals. Furthermore, they are also provisioned by dimensional and qualitative checks performed during the assembly processes by means of advanced control methods such as dimensional or measurement vision systems.

Finally, at the end of the line or on board of the machine, management of all the pieces produced (good and waste) is performed to avoid contamination during the packaging phases. The latter are also designed and built ad hoc if the standard machines on the market do not meet the requirements…everything can be managed, controlled, intuitively modified by the machine operators who can obtain all the production data required by operating panels or PCs present on the machine having simple machine-operator interfaces.